Get Involved

We welcome your participation in the Council. We are open to any interested community members, whether affiliated with U-M or not. 

How We Work


We are a self-directing voluntary group based at the University of Michigan and open to anyone. 


We aim to make our events, communications, and processes open to all and accessible in ways that respond to community needs.


We are continually learning with and from each other.

Mailing List 

Join our mailing list by sending a request to [email protected]. Our mailing list is community-driven and founded on values of inclusion and learning.


We share a weekly newsletter featuring events, research, and news from around U-M and Southeastern Michigan to our mailing list. Members are welcome to send items to be included in the newsletter to [email protected].

You can review previous newsletters to get an idea of what is sent out each week.


Our meetings are held virtually on the second Tuesday of each month, noon–1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and are open to all.

  • Zoom link and agenda are shared via mailing list the week before
  • Meetings consist of introductions, Council business, guest presentations, and announcements

Read our recent meeting minutes from last year and this year as Google documents, or email [email protected] and we can send you the minutes in a different format.


We invite you to share your work and your perspective with the Council so we can amplify your ideas and connect you to people, programs, and resources. 

Please get in touch by sending a message to [email protected]. Let’s talk about inviting you to present at a meeting, organizing a Disability Community Month Event, or sharing your thoughts on other channels.


CfDC pairs students, faculty, staff, and community members with disabilities as mentors and mentees based on personal and professional interests. If you are interested in joining our mentorship program, please fill out one of the forms below:


Council members are always invited to get involved on committees or planning events. 

Current activities:

  • CfDC is looking for volunteers to help with the 2024 Neubacher Award! There are two ways you can help:
    • Nominate someone you know who has contributed to work empowering people with disabilities, advocating for or advancing disability rights, or increasing the accessibility of programs and services to promote disability inclusion. Self-nominations are encouraged! Scroll to the bottom of the Neubacher Award page to find the nominations form. 
    • Join the Neubacher Award Selection committee! The committee will meet 6-8 times over the summer 2024 semester, review nominations, and select this year's winner. We encourage people with disabilities and people involved in disability justice work to apply. Please email [email protected] for more information.